We, the petitioners, who are residents of Ward 48 Centurion and who receive our electricity supply directly from Eskom are serviced by the Eskom Mnandi CNC Branch have experienced repeated power outages over October 2019 to January 2020. These power outages are unrelated to the broader Eskom “load shedding” schedules.

Over the aforementioned period this area, which includes Laezonia AH, Knoppieslaagte AH, Doornrandje AH, Hennopsrivier AH, Gerhardsville AH have experienced:-

  • Unexplained power failures sometimes described by the Eskom call centre agents as “load reduction”. The call centre agents themselves explain that they have never heard of “load reductions”;
  • Phase electricity outages often extending for days and notwithstanding repeated logging of calls to the Call Centre, are then reported as being resolved by the technicians when this is clearly not the case;
  • Cables or breakers burning at the Laezonia Sub Station due to poor workmanship. The most recent incident being on Monday 27 January 2020. Video footage of this incident is available;
  • Little or no service by the technicians, especially at month end and over weekends;
  • If service requests are made after 18:00, the technicians on site will remain there until 21:45 and then only restore power. Clearly this is done to ensure that they meet their 22:00 end of shift deadline and would not then be able to service other service requests in the area.
  • Poor workmanship by Eskom technicians resulting in Eskom supply problems re-occurring or causing overloading or power failures elsewhere;
  • On or about 21 October 2019 the burning of a transformer in Delport Road, Laezonia AH, resulted in the pole and surrounding grass catching alight. The resultant fire coupled with high winds spread to over 14 properties causing significant damage to property, vehicles, agricultural activities and domesticated animals. But for the fire fighting initiatives of local residents, the resultant fire could easily have cross further road boundaries and spread to other areas;
  • Exposed cables or poorly lain cables across roadways and pedestrian pathways, including amongst others, Bart Street, Koedoe Street, Cuckoo Road & Bodley Road in Laezonia AH;
  • Power surges caused by unplanned or unannounced restoring of power causes further damage to boreholes, electric fencing and other sensitive electrical equipment;
  • A complete failure by the Eskom Call Centre to escalate issues or the technicians incorrectly advising the call centre agents of the actual status of the referral, or as in the majority of case, simply stating that the power has been restored when this is not the case. This requires residents to repeatedly log new service requests. In some instances, one fault alone required seven referrals from the same resident. It was only when the substation cables caught alight that the technicians arrived on site.

We, the petitioners, further record that:-

  • The poor electricity supply has a direct impact on the safety and security of the agricultural residents who rely on electric fencing and extensive security systems (beams, cameras) to maintain their safety and security. This area is notorious for its violent crime with the local Erasmia SAPS being under resourced to service the area;
  • Some residents and elderly residents rely on continuous electricity supply for their personal health care, such as for oxygen generators and other medical equipment essential for their health care;
  • School going children are unable to complete their homework and educational regimes and activities;
  • Home based business are unable to function, sometimes for days on end due to power supply interruptions. Unless these concerns are addressed urgently, these businesses will have no option but to either close, relocate or retrench employees;
  • Internet and telecom services are continuously inaccessible due to power outages, affecting residents ability to communicate with neighbours or with security service providers in case of emergencies.

Accordingly, we the petitioners, hereby urgently demand a meeting with the Eskom Mnandi Branch Manager or Eskom District Manager to resolve the ongoing Eskom power supply crisis in this area within a period of no more than two weeks from date of receipt of this petition, failing which the petition will be elevated to the Gauteng Provincial Legislature and National Assembly.

Save for at least one competent and qualified Eskom technician assigned to our area, the power supply crisis would be far worse than it already is. The name of this technician will be made available at the meeting demanded above.

We further demand a full explanation of the various power outages and poor workmanship in the period specified above and what action the responsible Manager or Supervisor has taken for electrical supply problems actually caused by such technicians. A record of all Eskom referral numbers will be submitted on request.

Petition to Eskom Mnandi CNC


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Poor workmanship resulting in burning cables / breakers at Laezonia AH Sub Station

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