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Media statement
Cllr Randall Williams
Executive Mayor, City of Tshwane
15 March 2021
We have fixed 6 779 potholes in four months with more work to come as maintaining our roads is a core priority
When the new administration in Tshwane took office one of the key goals of my ten-point intervention plan was that we maintain and expand our road infrastructure.
Through the introduction of the weekly service delivery war room we quickly introduced tracking in place to assess the performance of our service delivery teams so we can accelerate the repairs of roads in the municipality.
A first area of intervention was confirming that the city had the necessary resources in place to ensure it can provide proper repairs to our road infrastructure.
Upon assuming office, I learnt that there was no suitable tender in place to ensure the city could procure Bitumen to facilitate the production of hot asphalt. This became a core priority and was addressed and finalized during December 2020.
Since then our teams have been aggressively conducting road infrastructure maintenance across Tshwane. More importantly we have accelerated our production of hot asphalt.
To date we have produced 1 014 tons of hot asphalt and used it to fill approximately 6 779 potholes. Now that we have sustainable workflow processes in place, we can ensure we speedily respond to potholes when they are reported.
The maintenance of road infrastructure is a critical foundation of core service delivery. If we address potholes early, we can prevent longer lasting damage to our roads in the future. Thank you to all our residents who report potholes so that we can keep our city accessible.
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