JOHANNESBURG – The Tshwane Municipality says it will pursue criminal charges against African National Congress (ANC) members who are allegedly selling municipal property for R100 a stand and encouraging people to erect shacks there.

The Times newspaper revealed today that a senior member of the party’s Nellmapius branch offered to sell a plot of land to one of its reporters.

Since the Democratic Alliance (DA) was elected to power in Tshwane, community members in Mamelodi and Nellmapius have clashed with the police after being evicted from land they had illegally occupied.

Tshwane mayoral spokesperson Mathew Gerstner says the municipality has been investigating illegal land grabs for several weeks.

“We’ve believed for some time that there’s been political motives. Today the media confirmed our suspicions. Our political opponents are selling pieces of land and are encouraging people to occupy that land.”

Gerstner says once their own investigation is completed, the city will open criminal charges against those responsible.

The ANC spokesperson in the region said this morning that he was investigating the allegations but he’s not yet responded to questions.

(Edited by Zamangwane Shange)