📰 18/02/2021

🚩 Exposed: Eviction of Darling farmer has the markings of a political hit job

The DA revealed that the group of supposed ANC MK veterans operating under the banner of Tlhapi Zizi (Pty) Ltd, who have been allocated to grab Mr Ivan Cloete’s farm in the Western Cape already own farms. The DA will put a strong fight up against this and EWC!

Read more: https://www.da.org.za/2021/02/exposed-eviction-of-darling-farmer-has-the-markings-of-a-political-hit-job

🏦 Mboweni must ensure PIC Board Chair isn’t just another cadre

The DA welcomed the belated signing into law of the Public Investment Corporation (PIC) Amendment Act. The Act owes its origins to David Maynier, the then DA Shadow Minister of Finance, who introduced a private members bill that was adopted by Parliament. This Act goes a long way in ensuring accountability and transparency.

Read more: https://www.da.org.za/2021/02/mboweni-must-ensure-pic-board-chair-isnt-just-another-cadre

🚜 Parliament refuses to fund constitutional requirements for public participation on Expropriation Bill

The DA rejects Parliament’s attempts to stifle public participation. Members of Parliament were informed that the Parliamentary Communications Services Unit has withdrawn funding related to the public participation in the Expropriation Bill process.

Read more: https://www.da.org.za/2021/02/parliament-refuses-to-fund-constitutional-requirements-for-public-participation-on-expropriation-bill

✍️ Join the DA’s fight against EWC, reject the proposed bill and sign this petition: https://petitions.da.org.za/p/protectownershiprights

🧾 DA calls for review of Public Service Regulations as public service employees continue to conduct business with the State unabated

The DA calls on government to urgently review the efficacy and effectiveness of the Public Service Regulations. This follows the shocking revelations made to Parliament highlighting the lack of compliance and accountability in relation to government officials doing business with the state.

Read more: https://www.da.org.za/2021/02/da-calls-for-review-of-public-service-regulations-as-public-service-employees-continue-to-conduct-business-with-the-state-unabated