Government’s vaccine failure is a shameful violation of human rights

On Human Right’s Day, DA Leader John Steenhuisen lamented the fact that more of our hard-won human rights had been eroded in the last year than at any other time in our democracy’s history, and called for the ANC government to start by immediately rolling out a large-scale vaccination programme.

WATCH here: https://www.da.org.za/2021/03/governments-vaccine-failure-is-a-shameful-violation-of-human-rights

DA loods petisie om moedertaalonderrig aan die Universiteit Stellenbosch te beskerm

In die gees van Menseregtedag, het die DA gister ’n petisie geloods om die reg tot moedertaalonderrig aan die Universiteit van Stellenbosch te beskerm teen aanhoudende aanvalle deur die universiteitsbestuur.

Lees meer: https://www.da.org.za/2021/03/da-loods-petisie-om-moedertaalonderrig-aan-die-universiteit-stellenbosch-te-beskerm

President Ramaphosa must explain his unethical decision to sell the only Covid-19 vaccines we have

After the national government took a COVID-19 vaccination holiday over the weekend and sold one million doses of our AstraZeneca vaccine, the DA demanded answers from President Ramaphosa.

Read more: https://www.da.org.za/2021/03/president-ramaphosa-must-explain-his-unethical-decision-to-sell-the-only-covid-19-vaccines-we-have

SAA BRP’s claims of success a complete fiction

The DA is making every effort to ensure that the Minister of Public Enterprises, Pravin Gordhan, and SAA’s Business Rescue Practitioners and board stop muddying the waters and give clear answers when they appear before Parliament on Thursday.

Read more: https://www.da.org.za/2021/03/saa-brps-claims-of-success-a-complete-fiction

On 23 March 2020, President Ramaphosa announced a national lockdown for three weeks.

One year on, and wary from an assault on our rights and livelihoods, South Africans are still in the dark about when we will have the chance to get a potentially life-saving COVID-19 vaccine.

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