Planned shutdown of higher education institutions a costly move for students

Sympathising with the concerns and demands of students protesting against financial exclusion, the DA rejected a full shutdown of institutions of higher learning today.

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Waarom ignoreer die bestuur van Universiteit Stellenbosch die menseregtevergrype teen Afrikaanse studente?

Die DA deel die pyn van Afrikaanssprekende studente aan die Universiteit van Stellenbosch, wat gister wakker geword het met die nuus dat die universiteitsbestuur reeds vir ses maande lank die hulpkrete van Afrikaanse studente eenvoudig ignoreer.

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DASO calls for the immediate resignation of Minister Blade Nzimande

In light of the fact that the national government failed to implement the pro-active recommendations made by the Democratic Alliance Student Organisation (DASO) last year, the Organisation called for tough action.

Read more: https://www.da.org.za/2021/03/daso-calls-for-the-immediate-resignation-of-minister-blade-nzimande

DA calls on Deputy President to provide an honest report of SA’s vaccine rollout

Given that vaccines administered thus far have only been part of a trial, the DA called on Deputy President Mabuza to provide an urgent and honest report back on South Africa’s vaccine rollout programme, which is yet to begin in the middle of March.

Read more: https://www.da.org.za/2021/03/da-calls-on-deputy-president-to-provide-an-honest-report-of-sas-vaccine-rollout

Time for Minister Mthethwa and NAC to resign

The DA called for the Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture and the National Arts Council (NAC) to resign given that neither of them seem to be equipped to address the concerns of the sector they’re meant to serve.

Read more: https://www.da.org.za/2021/03/time-for-minister-mthethwa-and-nac-to-resign

In case you missed it

Last week, the DA exposed stories of farmers who have fallen victim to state-sponsored land grabs and the government’s failed land reform programme.

Watch it here: https://youtu.be/vH0RrpEc98g