For years, residents have complained about irregular meter readings, resulting in high bills for water and electricity.

Chairperson of the metro finance oversight committee Peter Sutton said most residents experienced problems such as over-estimations and retrospective corrections “resulting in excessive amounts payable”.

He said by-laws made provision for meter readings to be estimated but hoped with the introduction of new technology, this would be a thing of the past.

“Unfortunately, these estimations are mostly inflated, resulting in excessive municipal accounts.

“We are working on a proactive plan to resolve this but it is easy to have a new corrected statement issued to a resident,” said Sutton.

“Investigations are underway to explore new technology which will allow for a much more secure system when it comes to submitting customer meter readings.”

In the interim, he encouraged customers to take the readings and submit them to the metro themselves:

1. Email the photos of the water and electricity meters with the latest copy of your municipal account to

2. In the body of the email, request:

· A correction of the account as per the attached photos and a new statement.

· That a “hold” be placed on the account until the correction is made.

· That a reference number for the matter be issued and emailed to you.