Low staff morale and poor management are some of the problems Tshwane mayor Solly Msimanga has encountered in his first month in office.

“We are trying to bring it back up so that employees can feel that they are valued and feel excited about serving the people,” Msimanga told News24 on Tuesday.

“We want to ensure that our employees are better taken care of.”

Plans were being drawn up to rectify the problems and turn things around.

“There have been a lot of management issues that need to be corrected, how people have been doing their job, which in most cases leaves much to be desired. We are working on correcting the management model to ensure that people can be held to account and to ensure we get the best out of our employees.”

‘Rogue elements’

Corruption had been rampant in the city, he said.

“We are trying to make sure that we are shaking this tree to get rid of all the rogue elements.”

He was investigating tenders and said not all the companies the city was doing business with were delivering what was expected of them.

“There are a number of contracts that we are looking at as well as the essential service providers who were contracted, but where the delivery has been dismal. We are looking into that and we are trying to make sure we fix that,” he said.

He would ensure that money which was intended for service delivery was used for that purpose, instead of landing in the hands of a corrupt few.

Source: News24