Shacks demolished after another land invasion attempt in Olievenhoutbosch

Photo: Facebook

An attempted land-invasion was again halted by authorities in Olievenhoutbosch on Sunday.

Ward 48 councillor Kingsley Wakelin said another attempt made by illegal land invaders to occupy land near Thatchfield was thwarted when 35 shacks were broken down on Sunday morning.

“Fifteen complete and 20 half-built structures, erected during the night, had been demolished,” confirmed Wakelin.

This land invasion attempt follows many others last week, Wakelin said.

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“Again they tried to occupy the land illegally this weekend,” he said.

“The president, premier and our  mayor gave clear instructions – we will not tolerate this behaviour and no illegal structures will be allowed to stand.”

Wakelin said the land-invaders, angry over the structures being demolished, earlier threw stones at  vehicles on the R55 near Waterberg Road.

Police spokesperson Constable Simon Chokoe said police were on the scene to control the situation.

“All is calm now, but police will continue to monitor the situation,” Chokoe said.

Photo: Facebook