MMC Phillip Nel – Utility Services and Regional Operation Coordination
15 March 2021

Rand Water reservoirs are at critically low levels, we appeal to residents to conserve water.

On Saturday the 13th of March 2021, Rand Water issued a notice to the City of Tshwane regarding their water distribution network that is currently under severe pressure because of the water demand (usage) that is consistently exceeding the water supply.
The situation has resulted in low water levels in some of the critical reservoirs in the Rand Water systems, namely the Eikenhof, Palmiet and Mapleton reservoirs. Rand Water reservoir levels continue to decline, and some reservoirs have now dropped as low as 30%.

The impact of Rand Water’s critical low reservoir levels is that soon there will not be sufficient water to supply municipalities, and that will lead to unavoidable water shortages and subsequent water supply interruptions.
In order to prevent Rand Water’s reservoirs from running dry, Rand Water has requested municipalities to assist by decreasing the water demand (consumption) within their water supply areas. It is for this reason that the City of Tshwane requests residents to assist by using water sparingly.

I would also like to remind residents that the water restrictions that were imposed previously in line with the Water Supply By-Laws were never withdrawn and are therefore still applicable. The following specific water restrictions should be adhered to:

  • Watering/irrigating gardens with a hosepipe or sprinkler system between 06h00 in the morning and 18h00 in the afternoon;
  • Washing of vehicles with hosepipes or high pressure systems
  • Filling of swimming pools

The City of Tshwane urges all residents to make every effort to decrease the water demand by adhering to the water restrictions and reducing their water consumption.

Should the high water demand (consumption) continue, then the municipality’s water reservoirs levels will also drop and eventually run dry. The result is that residents will be left without water, something we must prevent.

I would like to thank residents for their cooperation and apologise for the inconvenience caused.

MMC Phillip Nel: