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South Africa has only administered 182 983 doses of Covid-19 vaccine, meaning we are hopelessly missing even our unambitious target of vaccinating 1 million healthcare workers by the end of March. By now we should have vaccinated 710 000, meaning we’re missing our unambitious target by 75%.

Not one single dose of vaccine was administered over the long weekend on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.

Government will tell you this is because they have no vaccines. Yet they sold one million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine over the weekend.

The Ramaphosa administration has a case to answer for why it left a million life-saving doses of vaccine leave our shores when they could have saved the lives of South Africans.

Read the full statement by DA Leader, John Steenhuisen here:

The DA is working hard to protect everybody’s lives and livelihoods

Where necessary, we have been hard at work approaching the courts and the potential source of much of the relief funding, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), to protect our democracy and help every single South African earn a living and get the government relief available to them.

Our court action has helped see:

  • all products sold online (at a time when there was an irrational ban on e-commerce);
  • irrational restrictions, such as the night curfew and limit on exercise hours, lifted in Level 3;
  • the ban on NGOs feeding the desperate and hungry put on hold, and squashed regulations that would have seen those NGOs overwhelmed by paperwork; and
  • salons, such as hairdressers and beauticians, open their doors!

We are currently challenging the discriminatory use of the coronavirus emergency relief fund; and the constitutionality of the aspect of the Disaster Management Act that allows the National Command Council to make decisions as they please, without any checks and balances!