• The Films and Publications Amendment Bill, in its current form, is an attempt by government to censor the internet.

    The Bill, also known as the Internet Censorship Bill, is an attempt to force all social media users to register with the Film and Publications Board (FPB) before uploading videos to social media sites.

    If the Bill is passed, it will be an unjustifiable infringement on the constitutional right to privacy, placing all viewers of X18-rated content on a list which government will have unrestricted access to.

    And it will give government the power to pre-classify online content before you share it with your friends and family.

    This attempt to censor South Africans’ use of the Internet threatens our democracy by limiting freedom of speech.

    Sign this petition to urge Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Communications to reject the Films and Publications Amendment Bill in its current form and demand that the Department of Communications launches a Regulatory Impact Assessment before continuing with its deliberations on the Bill.

    Sign the petition here