Monthly newsletter to residents, March 2021

Cllr Randall Williams

Executive Mayor of Tshwane

Monthly update from the Office of the Executive Mayor

Dear residents

Each month I want to update you on the progress we have made with regard to core service delivery in Tshwane.

Let me start by expressing my regret at the fact that waste collection was interrupted due to a strike towards the end of March 2021. While this matter was swiftly resolved and addressed, it caused significant disruption and inconvenience. I want to start by apologising for the delays that were caused because of this, and to affirm that this administration is fully committed to ensure that we have a reliable and consistent waste collection service.

Wonderboom National Airport (memorandum of understanding)

At  the beginning of  the month, the City of  Tshwane  signed a memorandum of understanding with Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) to collaborate on commercial, compliance and technical aviation advisory services, and to contract one another on the management and execution of identified projects at the City of Tshwane Wonderboom National Airport.

The City of Tshwane and ACSA will work together to address issues of common interest and mutual benefit to each other. Together, we will embark upon a strategic collaboration and establish regular contact in order to realise the opportunities associated with advancing the airport’s operations. We are eager to ensure that the airport operates optimally and that its full potential is unleashed.

When I took office in November 2020, a core goal was the provision of core service delivery to tackle some of the backlogs that we inherited and kick-start service delivery. It required us to ensure that proper contract management was in place and that City of Tshwane teams were being deployed across Tshwane.

To date, the City of Tshwane Regional Operations and Coordination Department has successfully cut over 34 million square metres of grass since November 2020.

As we continue neatening Tshwane, we will also prioritise a sustainable level of service delivery to our residents so that we never again reach the point where our areas are neglected. Our teams are working hard to make a measurable and visible difference in our communities.

We have also fixed over 7 000 potholes in four months, with more work to come as maintaining our roads is a core priority. We have accelerated the production of hot asphalt to ensure that we provide lasting road repairs. It is critical that we maintain our road infrastructure and ensure that our city is accessible.

A well illuminated city is a safe city. Since assuming office in November 2020, a core priority of the new administration has been to ensure that we address the backlog in street light repairs. Over the last few months we have repaired over 60 000 street lights.

There is still work that needs to be done and our repair teams are continuously moving across Tshwane to ensure that our streets and suburbs are illuminated. A main aim of our street light illumination strategy has been to focus on major arterial roads so that we can create safe conditions for driving at night.

All Tshwane residents benefit from having a well illuminated city. It not only assists at night when you are driving and navigating the streets, but also ensures that criminals cannot operate in the darkness.

COVID-19 in Tshwane

The number of active COVID-19 cases in Tshwane dropped significantly in the middle of  March  2021,  at  one  point  failing  below  500  active  cases.  As  of  the  end  of March 2021, there were approximately 620 active cases.

We will continue to monitor this space and advise residents accordingly through weekly statements on the latest trends. The City of Tshwane remains in a state of readiness to support the national government in the distribution of vaccines once they are made available.

Thank you to all the residents of Tshwane for continuing to adhere to relevant COVID-19 protocols and guidelines.

Let me also take this moment to wish those that are celebrating Easter a blessed weekend. If you are travelling over this period, please be safe on our country’s roads.