Pretoria recorded the lowest number of fatal accidents in Gauteng during the festive season, the mayor has announced.

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Mayor Solly Msimanga said Tshwane metro police led initiatives to reduce the carnage had been successful.

“The well-being of residents matters a great deal to the DA-led multiparty administration,” he said.

“Our roads should not be death traps for users, but enablers for economic activities within the city.”

He added that routes identified as high-risk for accidents, including the N1, N4, R21, N14, Mabopane highway and the Old Johannesburg Road, were regularly policed.

“The visibility of the police on the freeways and main routes, along with roadblocks and awareness campaigns, contributed to reducing the festive fatalities.”

Over the four-month initiative between October 2017 to January, the metro police had arrested 315 drunk drivers and recovered 70 stolen vehicles.

Also recovered were five unlicensed firearms, while 221 745 fines were issued.

“A culture of lawlessness among motorists and driving under the influence of alcohol and narcotics continues to impact negatively upon road safety,” Msimanga said.

“We have also noted the poor road markings and road lighting in some areas, which also contribute towards pedestrian accidents as a cause for concern.”

He said the metro police had raided three privately owned vehicle testing stations and arrested ten examiners on allegations of issuing fraudulent roadworthiness certificates.

“These efforts inspired more dedicated traffic officers to also act against offers of bribes by corrupt motorists,” Msimanga said.

He thanked the police officers for their efforts in making the roads user-friendly.

“Equally I thank motorists and pedestrians who spare a thought for other users and use the shared space responsibly.”

He also thanked Hyundai Hatfield for donating the vehicles used in the effort to make city roads safer.

“I encourage other stakeholders to follow suit and adopt collective responsibility in remaking the capital city. This partnership is another example of what we can accomplish when we rally together as the private and public sector.”