Launch of Website Database for Ward 48 Businesses

Good day
Ward councilors are often approached by private businesses who perform work in their wards with requests for the referral of local labourers and subcontractors.
Such businesses work on private projects and not government projects.
How councilors handle these situations seem to differ from one ward to another. There is also no obligation on ward councilors to entertain such requests.

To support local business and avoid any conflict over how the Councillor should handle requests for referral of local labour and businesses by private developers or any business, Councillor Wakelin has established a website where all businesses in Ward 48 can register and market their business.
The website address is –


We encourage all busi esses to register on the website.
This website is accesable to any resident living and/or a business or organisation registered in ward 48 geographical area.

In future will ALL requests for information on any business or organisations
be referred to the website. This is to ensure direct contact with individuals/ businesses or organisations.

Cllr Wakelin further supports the EPWP project of the City of Tshwane and will encourage all Private developers; businesses or organisations to draw information for unemployed labour from the EPWP database of the City of Tshwane.
This is encourage local businesses and organisations to support unemployed residents to be employed in our ward. We encourage all ward48 residents, businesses and organisations to support this project.

Kind Regards
Cllr Kingsley Wakelin
Ward 48.