A call went out from the Councillor on 2nd Sept 2017, about a shack that had burnt down in the informal settlement opposite the ENGEN Garage at the R 114/R 511 intersection.

This fire left a mother and 5 year old girl without a home, clothes, furniture, food, etc. …

Concerned residents from the surrounding area gathered food, clothing, toys and building material and to find out precisely what was needed to rebuild their home. A local resident, Dot,  took it upon herself to request assistance, collect and transport donations, as well as collating the rebuild of the house. Dot was accompanied by another community member and her daughter to visit on the 2nd Sept 2017 and ask what was needed. Donations came in, collected and guided by Dot.

Additional building materials were donated by a local Hardware shop, the owner also being a resident in the area. Actual building work was done by the direct neighbours, with the guidance and assistance of the local Pastor, Danny. Dot managed to source and have the house erected a week after it originally burnt down, with the help and assistance of the community.