22-year-old Mpho from Tshwane called The Eusebius McKaiser Show and described how he receives criticism for his political choices in supporting a party that he feels has finally helped his family.

The only thing I knew growing up was a shack. Me and my parents we never lived in a house. I am 22-years-old so I was born in ’95.

He says fortunately, he played rugby and received scholarships.

My parents applied for an RDP house as far back as I can remember.

— Mpho, caller

But to no avail, until this past year when a new political party came into office on Tshwane, he describes the joy his father felt when he finally received a house.

I hear people say I am betraying the struggle of black people by voting for a so-called white party. Last year I saw my dad cry for the first time because he got an RDP house from the so-called white party. How can they say I am betraying the black struggle when the so-called black party couldn’t even do anything for my parents?

— Mpho, caller

For years the family had to put their beds and possessions on bricks everytime it rained. Now, he says, from inside his warm dry home, his father finds the rain beautiful.

Listen to this heartwrenching call below: