Eskom should submit supplementary affidavits to existing DA charges against execs

The DA notes reports that Eskom is currently considering taking legal action against “at least three senior managers and two senior executives with misconduct for their alleged involvement in the [McKinsey] scandal”.

Although this is a welcome sign of accountability, there is no need for Eskom to lay fresh charges against these individuals, as the DA has already laid criminal charges against a host of Eskom executives as well as those possibly involved in dodgy dealings.

Instead of wasting police resources and opening new cases against these companies and individuals, the DA urges the power utility to submit supplementary affidavits to the following cases:

  • Anoj Singh –  Cape Town Police Station – Charges of possibly breaching the Public Finance Management Act – Case number: CAS 1685/7/2017
  • Matshela Koko – Cape Town Police Station – Treason, corruption and racketeering charges –  Case number: CAS 2067/5/2017
  • McKinsey – Cape Town Police Station – Fraud, racketeering and collusion charges – Case Number: CAS 1156/9/2017
  • Trillian Capital – Rosebank Police Station – Corruption charges – Case Number: CAS 70/11/2016

The DA also urges Eskom to submit supplementary affidavits on the alleged dodgy dealings of other Eskom executives, including Edwin Mabelane, Prish Govender and Charles Kalima.

By laying new charges, Eskom will just prolong and duplicate an investigation by the police.