Issued by Cllr Randall Williams – DA Tshwane Mayoral Candidate
06 Oct 2020 in Press Statements

In a leaked investigative report the DA has learnt that there were mass instances of irregular spending, financial and governance management failures an alleged corruption in the City of Tshwane’s spending on Homelessness relief during lockdown. 

 When the country went into level five lockdown the ANC administrators failed to follow legislatively prescribed supply chain processes in the appointment and management of service providers to support the homeless. 

The process was instead rushed, with no proper appointment letters in place or scrutiny of invoices or the costs that were being incurred by these service providers. These service providers are now trying to recoup the funds from the city. 

However, a leaked investigative report now shows that this entire process was a total shambles. Recommendations from the report indicate the following: 

5.1 The investigation has clearly showed that the invoices are inaccurate and untrustworthy, there is no justification for honouring the invoices as presented. 

5.3 The cost of the service provided or the charges per invoice was grossly overly overstated, the food is equivalent to 5 star executive and luxurious. 

5.4 The officials failed to properly manage the project and created a field for pillage. 

5.6 The department has no records that they rely on to verify the invoices, the records in question would have amounted to attendance registers. We conclude that this process was not even done. The Group Head and/or any other authorized official did not verify and validate the invoices prior to submitting them for the ex post facto process. 

5.8 We have evidence to suspect that a crime of corruption may have been committed, the project manager’s conduct is question. 

These recommendations are from an internal City of Tshwane report. It is a shocking indictment on mass spending failures presided over by the unlawfully appointed ANC administrators in the city. 

These funds were meant to go to the most needy and vulnerable in the city and yet it is clear based on the city’s own report that there was internal collusion between city officials and service providers to steal from the homeless during a time of immense vulnerability. 

 We call on the ANC administrators in Tshwane to release all of the Covid-19 spending that took place to the public along with a list of the service providers, what they provided and what they were paid. Failure to do is indicative of a mass cover-up of corruption. 

The officials involved in these crimes must be dismissed and prosecuted. Head ANC administrator Mpho Nawa must be dismissed from his post, he has presided over this “field for pillage”.

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