by Solly Msimanga MPL – DA Gauteng Caucus Leader

Date: 01 September 2020
Release: immediate

The DA has learnt that the unlawfully deployed ANC administrators in Tshwane have, for the past five months earned R955 940.00 each. The salary bill for these Administrators has cost the taxpayers over R10 million to date.

This is more than twice the amount the city’s Mayor would earn and five times the salary of a councillor.

A further R2 million can be added to this amount for the legal bill which has been incurred by the provincial government in trying to defend their unlawful deployment.

This is a shocking abuse of public funds as the ANC Administrators have overseen the capital city falling into ruin.

Under the ANC Administration, Tshwane has lost millions of Rands in revenue due to non-collection.

This comes on the back of long running salary disputes with municipal staff, many of whom were not paid last week.

They have also approved and implemented a budget, unlawfully, after not following due process which has plunged the city into a billing crisis.

They have also failed to ensure a core service delivery tender was awarded as well as a new tender that would ensure that the city is capacitated with specialist vehicles to support waste removal processes, water pipe repairs and electricity outages.

Even though the tender closed in early July 2020, the Administrators failed to provide oversight on the supply chain processes and have now compromised core service delivery across the city.

With the rainy season upon us, nothing has been done in terms of preparing for this period. Storm water drainages, pruning of overgrown trees touching power lines and pothole filling are some of the seasonal issues that haven’t been prioritized, which spells disaster and prolonged outages for Tshwane residents.

It has been one systematic failure after another since the ANC Administrators unlawfully took office.

While residents in the capital suffer, deployed ANC cadres continue to collect their exorbitant salaries while the municipality falls apart around them.

The DA is confident that our legal appeal in the Supreme Court of Appeals will be successful and the DA and its coalition partners can get Tshwane back on track.

The DA will ensure that Gauteng Cooperative Governance MEC, Lebogang Maile is held to account for the perilous state Tshwane finds itself in due to his unlawful actions.

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