African Bullfrog (Pyxicephalus adspersus) – IUCN Red List

The African Bullfrog is found throughout Laezonia, Doornrandje, Hills and Dales, Hennopsrivier and the Rhenosterpruit Conservancy.

The are listed in the Red Zone by the IUCN and in South Africa are regarded as Near Threatened.


In SA the NT status of the Giant Bullfrog means:

  • A provincial permit is required to:

– catch, handle, collect, transport and/or relocate the species.

– maintain the species in captivity.

– conduct hands-on research and/or conservation work on the species.

  • A “Specialist Giant Bullfrog Study” must be performed when a proposed development or other man-made disturbance will threaten a Giant Bullfrog population and/or habitat that a bullfrog population uses for breeding, foraging, over wintering and/or dispersal.

You have a Giant Bullfrog on your property.

  • Leave the frog alone.  To your benefit it will  consume many creepy crawlies.  Bullfrogs are not poisonous and they won’t disturb you with loud croaking.
  • Please take a clear, close-up photo of the frog.
  • Try to make your property and even your neighbourhood “frog-friendly.”

Send the photo with location details to:

Dr. Jeanne Tarrant

Endangered Wildlife Trust Threatened Amphibian Programme

W + 27 31 7655471 | C + 27 83 254 9563

Email: | Web: | Skype: jandgtarrant

Your  contribution  will  be  entered  into  a  database  of  information  about  the  geographical distribution of the Giant Bullfrog in SA.

Source: African Giant Bullfrog