A four day alcohol restriction over Easter is just an indifferent ANC government trying to look busy

SA needs vaccines, not lockdown!

Imposing a restriction on off-site alcohol sales for four days around Easter is not only entirely unscientific, it also places an unnecessary further strain on the livelihoods of those who make their living in this sector.

The first two alcohol bans were directly responsible for 165,000 lost jobs in South Africa.

This is just the ANC government trying desperately to look busy. Unable to do the one thing that really matters – procure and administer millions of vaccines.

Government claims to follow the science in its decision-making, but then does the exact opposite. A nation-wide alcohol ban irrespective of regional Covid-19 transmission trends, is unscientific and makes a mockery of government’s supposed commitment to data.

The truth is that government has taken this ineffective action to mask the fact that it has failed so spectacularly to vaccinate its people. While other middle-income countries across the world are vaccinating at rates of 70,000 to 150,000 people a day, we are yet to start with our programme.

Let us also not fall for yesterday’s spin that South Africa “will have access to” 30 million Johnson and Johnson vaccines produced at the Aspen facility in the Eastern Cape. Without a confirmed delivery date for a confirmed amount of vaccines, this means absolutely nothing.

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