A DA-government will create fair access to real and long-term jobs.

South Africa is a great country with a people that are willing to work hard to realise their, and their nation’s, potential.

But the country has taken a wrong turn from the path set by Madiba.

Unemployment is oppressing us and there is no fair access to jobs. The ANC government only cares about enriching themselves and rewarding those close to them with employment.

This is not what we were promised. Not only have they failed to create jobs for South Africans, they don’t even know how to.

This election is YOUR chance to get South Africa back on track. It’s a choice between letting South Africa become more corrupt and unequal or building a modern, successful economy that creates jobs.

The Democratic Alliance is bringing change that builds One South Africa for All.

The DA will fight corruption, fix the police serviceso that it becomes honest and professional, create fair access to jobs, secure our borders and speed up the delivery of basic services.

The DA has a plan to create fair access to real, long-term jobs.

We will focus on:

  • Introducing a Voluntary National Service – one year of income and skills development for school-leavers.
  • Creating job centres throughout South Africa that provide information, advice and free internet to job-seekers.
  • Growing small business opportunities through increased funding assistance and removing blockage and red-tape.
  • Prosecuting and eliminating the practice of ‘sex for jobs’ and carpet interviews
  • Prosecuting and eliminating the practice of ‘cash for jobs’ and corruption in allocating jobs.

Led by a new generation, the DA is the only party that can put real pressure on the ANC and force them to focus on the issue of fair access to jobs.

Don’t reward ANC failure with your vote because nothing will change.