All DA governments to review KPMG contracts

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All DA governments to review KPMG contracts

All DA governments to review KPMG contracts

The DA currently governs, either directly or in coalition, in more than 30 municipalities across the country and have now taken the decision to review all KPMG contracts to ensure that none of the work has been compromised by unethical practices.

It has emerged that KPMG’s integrity has been compromised by numerous dodgy dealings with the Gupta family. The organisation and its senior management have seemingly been actively involved in the project of state capture and were implicated in the axing of then Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan, off the back of the so-called SARS rogue report.

Now that National Treasury has announced that government departments and entities will review all KPMG contracts, it is imperative that they now take the lead and empower the structures below to do so.

All DA-led administrations prioritise clean and efficient governance that allows us to deliver services to the people who entrusted us with their vote.

Therefore all work done by KPMG must be reviewed thoroughly, so as to ensure the highest standards of good governance have been met.

The DA is committed to fighting corruption in both the public and private sectors and will continue to do so in the interests of corruption-free government that works to deliver services to the people of South Africa.

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