VIDEO: Councillor battles ‘road of death’


Ward Councillor Kingsley Wakelin at the dangerous intersection on the R511 and the N14.

Centurion ward councillor Kingsley Wakelin will leave no stone unturned in his effort to see dangerous roads and intersections in his ward made safe.

Wakelin said he had been in an uphill battle with the provincial department of roads and transport to get it to attend to these hazardous intersections.

He said these included the R114 also known as Tulip/Mnandi Road and the R511 and the intersection connecting the R511 to the N14.

Wakelin “got into the ring with the department” after Rekord reported he has vowed to have roads in his area fixed following an accident in which learners were hurt.

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A school bus carrying learners was involved in an accident on the R114 road that left some passengers with minor injuries, Rekord reported in March last year.

Since then, Wakelin submitted two petitions of more than 1 200 signatures to the provincial legislature.

“In numerous communique between myself and the provincial department, I’ve asked them for intervention. Accidents and deaths are becoming a too common thing on these intersections and roads.”

Wakelin said a traffic engineer from the department found that inappropriate speeding and blind overtaking were hazards at these intersections.

The councillor said the battle was far from over and he demanded the MEC get involved.

“There are proposed solutions, but it is time for MEC Ismail Vadi to step up and help us.”