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2019 DA Manifesto Launch

The manifesto for change The Manifesto for Change is our contract with South Africa should we be entrusted to govern. In our manifesto, we unpack how a DA-led government will put the South African people first and ensure a better future for our children. Led by a new generation of leaders, only the DA can bring

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DA run Western Cape attracts global investments

Global tech giant Google declares R2.2bn investment into Cape Town and the Western Cape. This will boost the local economy, create more jobs and opportunities to maintain the Cape’s low unemployment figures. This is yet another endorsement of the DA’s good governance. Other large coporates such as Amdec, Capita, Lactalis and Teraco also declared investments

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DA run Western Cape launches Municipal Energy Resilience project

The Western Cape government has launched its three-year Municipal Energy Resilience (MER) project to assist municipalities to take advantage of the new energy regulations, which may include buying energy directly from independent power producers (IPPs). The project is part of the provincial government’s plans to create an energy secure future in the Western Cape. To support

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Ward 48 Newsletter 1/2020

Dear Ward 48 Residents. The last few months have been the most difficult for all of us, family have lost their loved ones to the dreadful COVID 19, people have lost their jobs, businesses closed down and the City was placed under administration by the ANC Provincial Administration. Lest we forget the impact this had

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OFFICE OF THE EXECUTIVE MAYOR3 NOVEMBER 2020CITY OF TSHWANE FINANCES IN CRISISMY FIRST PRIORITY WILL BE TO RESTORE FINANCIAL STABILITY IN THE CAPITALIn the last four days since taking office, I have been working hard to get up to speed with what has been happening in the City of Tshwane while it was under administration.

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DA Leader Steenhuisen’s Acceptance Speech

Fellow South Africans, I cannot think of a more fitting place from which to speak with you today than this beautiful City of eThekwini. Twenty-one years ago, I made my way up the steps of the Durban City Hall for the very first time, as the city’s youngest ever elected councillor. Back then – as

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What Our Constituency Says

“Solly Msimanga is one of the best mayors in the whole country. Those who don’t know can’t really tell that we belong to two different parties. I work with the mayor in everything. He is my friend and my mayor, too. He is actually implementing everything. Our vision for the City of Tshwane is the same … Msimanga, was now delivering on his promises.” David Makhura, Gauteng Premier

David Makhura, Gauteng Premier

( )

A great initiative, thank you for making all that knowledge available and including and educating citizens. To see the dedication, knowledge and drive of the Region 4 Councillors – priceless. Thank you for sharing.

RSDF Communication

( Ward 48 Resident )

Thank you to the Mayor for always making himself available and giving so much of his time.

Mayor Msimanga

( Resident Ward 48 )

Kingsley is doing a astoundingly job, and its because he provides action.

Clr. Kingsley Wakelin

( )

After spending the day in Mooiplaas with @Kingsley Wakelin and the Mayor (a difficult meeting about a difficult situation), allow me this observation: Everyone there, including Mashatile, were astounded by Kingsley's support and credibility in the community. He may not be from Mooiplaas, but he is FOR Mooiplaas. This is what our values are about. Hats off Kingsley.


( )

Kingsley is doing an absolutely awesome job of trying to keep everyone happy. If you thought that our rural areas were ill-served by Eskom's pre-Neolithic infrastructure and inability to bring replacement parts from Brits timeously, ask to join his Service Issues Reporting WhatsApp Group (via the cell no. above) and see the huge volume of (water and power) issues facing the residents of the 'new', monster-sized estates in Centurion West and realise how lucky you are (and that you don't rely on your local council for the majority of the services you have)! I had to leave the group due to the sheer volume of posts, but the energy, enthusiasm and drive of our Mr Wakelin are awesome to behold! (I suggest you're probably better off signing up to the blogs via the Web site).

Councillor Kingsley

( Ward 48 Resident - Newsletter )

Very informative, well managed and positive. Really empowering to know that the Councillor is a true civil servant

IDP Meeting 18/11/2016

( Laezonia Resident )

Excellent work by Kingsley.

IDP Meeting 18/11/2016

( Laezonia Resident )

A compliment for Cllr Wakelin. After 10 years of me trying without success to get the rates account transferred from my dead husband's name to my name, Cllr Wakelin got the transfer done with a couple of emails. Great service to a very appreciative community member 😊 Thank you!

Great Service

( From constituency member )

A friend of mine went to Property evaluations in Pretoria today. She would like to bring to the Mayors attention the wonderful service she had there. Even to being taken back to her vehicle which had been parked blocks away. The people there need to be commended for going more than the extra mile. Many many thanks for first world service.

Service from Tshwane

( M.M )

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